When will I see the first results?

Every man is different. There might be cases where you will see your improved erection after one pill and there are also cases where you will have to try out different types of erectile tablets or even different doses to achieve the desirable results. There are things you just can’t influence, since everybody of a man is different from one another. Now you might want to belittle the effectiveness of the drug, but the success rate of these erectile pills and our products is way above 70 percent – that means that three in every four men will cure their erectile dysfunction syndrome with us.

What if I don’t see any results?

When you are trying out different drugs and none have worked, you should definitely consult your doctor or therapist and maybe even show him the different drugs you have tried. Many products might have little to no effect, but that might be because of the dose of the compound. You might be a case where a bigger dose is needed and that’s why there are many manufacturers that offer amounts like 60mg and 200 mg for those that have a severe case of erectile dysfunction.

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